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Confirmed: SF Giants road jersey change


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I wish! No I was to meet him for the Giants fanfest. But previous commitments canceled that idea today. I originally thought the team was to have a gold shadow underneath as it is. Oh well. This looks good!

"we now rejoin the best of Shark Byte on CCSLC SportsNet Bay Area already in progress" :P

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ack! Dodgers! Don't say that! :P ICS will go nuts later on that. As much I'd like for them to use that handwritten script, no they arent.

Craven, once again you have me confused with ICS. Sakai-san is meeting him at this place called the Crazy Horse in SF. It's where these "alegations" of me starting a "brothel" began, if you've read the MLF board and the "Breaking News" thread.

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no, they're just adding drop shadow to the current script.

Well that hardly seems necessary.

...and difficult. "San Francisco" is crammed in there pretty tight as it is. Nah, scratch that...I just checked my 2001 road alternate and it worked fine. Now, as to whether you can actually see something that subtle, well...

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and like puckguy said, here is the photographic evidence


because of how close the gold is to the gray, it really doesnt pop the way it does on the cream home jersey. One of those small things that will probably go unnoticed by most people outside of this forum

still though, i like it. Im glad I havent bought a road jersey yet, so now I can get one in this style. and although I have no photographic proof of it, we can pretty much be assured that the gold drop shadow is also gonna be on the names and numbers on the back of the jerseys.

if anything, it makes the road uni consistent with the home uni, and thats always a good thing

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and Craven, you will refrain from referring to me as "Sakai-san", unless you want to feel the wrath of a Champion PG-120 spray rig armed with 50 gallons worth of TalstarOne solution and cranked up to 400 PSI

NOT something you want to face

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