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Got My Custom Hockey Jersey Today!


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Got my custom hockey jersey in the mail today... Great Job!


Was able to color match all 3 of Seahawks colors (Dark Blue, Seahawks Blue, Lime Green)

Quality of jersey material is relatively good.. comprable to a NHL Replica.

Price of jersey was reasonable.

They matched my Broncos Style Name Plate and Eagles style Numbers to a TEE.

Very reasonable turn around time.


A small inconsistency on the NYSH logo. The Stadium Arch support beams criss cross... on my jersey they just did singlar lines going up...

The shoulder numbers were supposed to have 3 color layers... the finished only had 2.

Honestly... I wasnt that bothered by the inconsistencies... because I could understand how by looking at my jpg concept it might not be as clear.. although I did provide vectors for everything including the numbering and lettering..

Overall I am extremely happy.. The crest logo is alot bigger than it looked in the photos they sent me, which is a good thing..

I would definitely recommend buying from them. I am actually going to order the same jersey but in a white scheme (home or away?????)

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