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Voting for LILG'S Minor League Challenge III


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Here it is folk's, the time you've been waiting for. The voting for LILG'S MINOR LEAGUE CHALLENGE III: Baseball Armeggedon. Now this is how it's going to go. I will give you two tier's and you will vote on which is the best for each tier. This is how you will vote

You will give me your top three for each tier.

First Tier

1st Place gets 3 votes

2nd Place gets 2 votes

3rd Place gets 1 vote

Second Tier

1st Place gets 3 votes

2nd gets 2 votes

3rd gets 1 vote

Here are the contestants:

First Tier











Second Tier









These are your selections, you have until February 18, 2005 at noon Mountain time to submit your vote. Good Luck

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First Tier

#1 Mark Anthony's Bakersfield Blaze

#2 lightbluenc's Toldedo Mudhens

#3 pcgd's Toledo Mudhens

Honorable Mention: DawgPacPBH, great design, wrong tier.

Second Tier

#1 BallWonk's Potomac Cannons (by far)

#2 jamesjduncan's Phoenix Firebirds

#3 Aussie's Phoenix Firebirds

Honorable Mention: Flame, nice choice of fire on the jerseys.

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1st Tier

1-bhambruiser (Warthogs)

2-pcqd (Mudhens)

3-Markanthony (Blaze)

HM - lightlbuenc (Mudhens)

2nd Tier

1-BallWonk (Potomac Cannons)

2-Antnee 1515 (Fresno Grizzlies)

3 -Aussie (Phoenix Firebirds )

All of you did a really good job.

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Here are the points so far:

First Tier

1. pcgd: 21 Points

2. bhambrusier: 9

3. lightbluenc: 9

4. Markanthony: 6

5. Itravisjr: 5

6. DawgPacPBH: 5

7. rynoz10: 4

8. Joshuamings: 2

Second Tier

1. BallWonk: 24 Points

2. Antnee1515: 13

3. aussie: 6

4. jamesjduncan: 5

BallWonk and pcgd(Patrick Cummings) are in the lead in their own respective brackets. This will be updated tomorrow.

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Since I'm in the second tier, I'll only vote on the first tier.

1 - Rynoz, Erie Sea Wolves. I have no idea what a Sea Wolf is, and have long suspected that this is a leading example of the trend toward insipid minor-league names that don't actually mean anything. Yet these unis completely sell the concept to me.

2. DawgPacPBH, Trenton Thunder. Understated but completely effective identity package. This is, if anything, too classy for a minor league team to actually use. Plus I'm a sucker for light and dark blue used together.

3. PCG, Toledo Mudhens. This one rocks, but is just a tad too busy for my taste. "Too many notes." The bevels combined with the angles in the wordmark distract me too much from what the words actually say. But otherwise this is a scha-weet concept that feels both very contemporary and rooted in the team's traditional imagery.

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