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Winners! And... Weasels.


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Okay. This idea is borrowed from the local sports talk station, 610-WIP. I remember when on Fridays, they used to have people nominating the best and worst performances among sports people that week. The best performance was the Winner of the Week, and the worst performance, the Weasel of the Week.

I figured we could bring that here. For the next four days, until 1 AM on Friday, February 18, I'd like you all to nominate winners and weasels in the realm of sports this past week (Monday, February 7 - Sunday, February 13). Eligible for either award would be players, teams, leagues, owners, commissioners, referees - in short, anyone who is officially recognized to be connected to a sports team or league. What they did need not have been done on the playing field - Randy Johnson could have been named as a weasel for his scuffle with the New York cameramen.

Please nominate your choices for Winner and Weasel of the Week via PM to me by 1 AM on Friday, February 18. Once the nomination period is up, we'll have three days of voting.


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