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best consept ever


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againstallodds has had some truly amazing basketball ones

RC has had about 6 hockey ones that I would truly rather be worn than the others

the best logoconcept ive seen, this was about a year ago and i cant remember whose it was and i feel bad because they sent me the logo set- but it was an islanders ship logo and it was awesome, it used navy orange and columbia

other than that nothing else really absolutely sticks out

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js' sabres stuff was stupid good.


there's so many great concepts that have seen the light of day here. joe's first logolympiad was laubhan's coming out party....that mofo ruled the roost.







and more.

most likely if the above names are associated with the project, i prepare myself to be blown away.

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The best concept I've ever done was for Against All Odd's first ever contest,the NBA Hometeam Haulover.It was the Houston Rockets and in 2002 I actually put a package together and sent it in to them not realizing they didnt take concepts from individuals.Just to show you how good the guys here are,my best concept came in 4th place in that contest,just missing a top-3 finish.Do a search through the threads for Hometeam Haulover and you can still see it.

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Who did the "Colorado Ravage" (at least I think it was called that). That concept was killer!

- Being a big basketball fan, AAO's hoops concepts have all been pretty sweet.

- Nitroseed can draw a square and still make your jaw drop to the floor.

- Gotta give up to Payno and his bud for hooking up my Hardin County Wolverines.

- Joshua Mings' Circle City Soldiers package is extremely solid (no matter if the chevrons are correct or not)

- Bottom line is there are plenty of talented artists on this board. If you need something, there's a pretty darn good chance these fellas can design it.

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Nitroseed can draw a square and still make your jaw drop to the floor.

By the way, Nitroseed did the Colorado Ravage - yes it is awesome.

Sterling & SyPhi, Barnesdesign are in there too - these guys amaze me everytime they post something. I haven't seen any of Sterling's stuff lately, probably because people were stealing his works. Bad news for us - his work is awesome!

There are many more I have not mentioned, they too post killer stuff, keep up the good work men! :notworthy:

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