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CHL's New Team....is


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How to you give worthwhile critique on something when you really hate the idea from top to bottom but you've had a dialogue with the designer and respect their work so much?

I don't like the name. I don't like the wee little hockey sticks. I don't like the "twin peaks" head shape. I don't think it particularly looks much like a bloodhound and I hate the uniform.

BUT......Somehow it really works as an identity. And I'm not just blowing smoke or kissing up to the venerable Joe B.

I have no doubts this will be a very successful mark for them.

Maybe thats the last hurdle to being great in this business. Making a project work ,and work well, when everything you've been given to work with sucks.

I don't like it one bit, and yet my overall thoughts are..........well done Joe. Very well done.

** EDIT ** this is in such sharp contrast to something like the Lafayette Leopards. Cool concept, executed for crap. This, challenging concept ( i never want to do a hybrid name if I can help it) and yet its a simple and excellent solution.


I need to lay down.

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I like the execution of everything in the logo. The sticks are a secondary supportive element. I don't think they need to be removed or spiced up or anything...they are more to set the name in the logo.

What I like is how it really does differ from other new logos that try to include too much. The Topeka logo is horrible in my opinion...I'd hate to be an embroiderer looking at that fr the first time.

This, to me, looks like a bloodhound, I would have called it such without the hounds in the name. The ears are what gives it the bloodhound feel.

I think it is a strong mark all around.

Nice job Joe B.!

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