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Alonzo Mourning vs. Alonzo Mourning


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Since Zo looks set to come back home to South Beach, I'm presenting an interesting scenario. Let's say I can go back in time and bring different versions of Alonzo Mourning to the present so they can all play in a one-on-one round robin. Which Alonzo Mourning wins?

1993 Alonzo Mourning


1997 Alonzo Mourning


2002 Alonzo Mourning


2004 Alonzo Mourning


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Alonzo Mourning earned $3 million from the Raptors and he never even came to Toronto.

I just felt the need to share that.

I heard Toronto bought him out for $9 million. The Raptors' rationale was that they would save something like $30 to $36 million by paying Zo the $9 mill buyout cost and then releasing him. At first glance it doesn't make sense, but then you figure out that they got rid of Vince's contract, and the years left on Alonzo's contract, and bingo, they saved.

Of course, if they were real smart, they would realize they can save $45 million by not paying Mourning anything, but that's the NBA. It's FAN-tastic! (Bill Simmons tribute right there)

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