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Golden Baseball League's Streak...

Brian in Boston

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The GBL's streak of unveiling great team identity packages is in serious jeopardy. The five finalists for team name in Surprise, Arizona are...

Surprise Desert Stallions (pulling down 27.3% of the vote in fan polling)

Surprise SandStorm (27.3%)

Surprise Desert Penguins (18.2%)

Surprise Fightin' Falcons (18.2%)

Surprise Desert Bats (9.1%)

You can say what you want about the San Diego's GBL franchise, but compared to these monikers, Surf Dawgs is positively brilliant.

This is the reason that "Name the Team" contests shouldn't distribute entry forms at elementary schools.

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DESERT PENGUINS???? WTF were they smoking?!

They all suck, SandStorm is the only one that is better than the rest. Dont put Desert in the name. It is stupid just like when teams put Ice in front of whatever they are, that is a big no no.

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I had submitted Surprise Homers. It pays homage to the community's founder - Homer Ludden - and references the slang term for home-run.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that when I submitted my idea I wasn't really counting on it being adopted. However, compared to these suggestions... hell, it was BRILLIANT!

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I kinda like the sound of it, how ever I haven't heard much about any "bear action" going on in the desert state. Penguins are way off the map. Why don't we go with Artic Scoripions, or Snow Sidewinders, or the Ice Iguanas. E-GWon-uhs sounds so cool as it rolls off your tongue - say it 10 times slowly. Kinda fun, huh?

I vote Sandstorm, but the logo better be cool, I mean Hot. What ever - the logo has to kick some Ares!!! :wacko:

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