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Colleges and similar high school logos


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Beavers beat up on high school!

OSU asks Ohio school to phase out Beavers logo

The Associated Press

February 17, 2005

CORVALLIS? An Ohio high school is having to phase out its athletic logo ? a beaver ? because of its similarity to the trademarked mascot of Oregon State University.

George Bellios, athletic administrator at Riverside High School outside Cleveland, said the school recently received a letter from Oregon State University asking the school to discontinue use of their beaver logo.

The beaver has been Riverside?s mascot for 55 years. The new logo design was adopted about five years ago. At that time, nothing was said about its similarity to the college?s logo.

?I know other (high schools) who are using it, the exact image,? he said, down to the word ?Beavers? underneath the animal?s head, making it even more similar to the university?s trademark image.

After receiving the university?s letter, the high school asked permission from Oregon State to use the logo but was turned down, the Corvallis Gazette-Times reported. Also denied was a request by the high school to pay a nominal fee and obtain a license to use to logo, the newspaper said.

High school officials were left with no choice but to begin complying with the cease and desist request.

The image has been taken off the school?s Web site, no new clothing has been ordered with the logo on it, and the school is designing a new symbol.

Luanne Lawrence, vice president for university advancement at Oregon State, said she has worked at other institutions where licensing agreements were struck between the university and K-12 schools to use their logos in some ways.

?That policy does not exist here,? she said. She has suggested that such a policy be considered but that decision lies with the university?s research office.

For now, Lawrence said, they are asking for a slow phase-out of Riverside?s logo, giving the high school until 2007 to remove the logo completely, and even longer to repaint a new logo on the gymnasium floor.

The university was obligated by law to take action, said Oregon State University News Service director Mark Floyd.

?Under federal trademark law, if universities don?t actively police it, they can lose their trademark. We?re in a position where we have to protect it or risk losing it,? Floyd said.

Although the high school is beginning to phase out the logo, Bellios is still hoping they?ll be able to keep it.

?We sure would appreciate if they?d have a change of heart,? he said.

I know there is a high school in Washington state that uses the same helmet that Michigan does. Will they be next?

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