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daytona 500 picks


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all right people, it's time to strap them in because it's time for the Super Bowl of Auto Racing and the start to the new NASCAR season: The Daytona 500 is this weekend.

It's time to choose who will win this year's Great American Race.

My picks are the pole winner Dale Jarrett, a 3-time winner and the last time he was on the pole for the 500 in 2000, he won the race.

Also, I believe that another former winner will do so again and that is the "Wonderboy" Jeff Gordon.


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Rusty's the guy.

I'd be more confident if he could drive the car he thought was doing well, but Kevin Harvick is an idiot, so Rusty will have to drive his backup car.

The backup didn't run real well in the Shootout, but Rusty's gonna find a way this time.

I so hope you are right. It won't be anything like when Dale Sr. won, but it should be a nice scene if he does.

I've been a Rusty fan since before he won his one and only championship. Nothing would make me happier than to see him finally dropkick that monkey. If he could find a way to win Sunday, I'd be willing to predict a exit like Elway, holding a Championship trophy high over in November.

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It'll be the redneck in the car going left in circles like a dope.

So, your pick for the World Series is the bunch of idiots running 90 feet in a straight line over and over again?

And the NBA Finals is the team with the dolts who run up and down a hardwood floor over and over again?

And..well, you get the idea.

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Uh, baseball players turn every 90 feet, though, so they thereby never run 90 feet in a straight line "over and over again." If they did, they'd only run down the left-field line FOREVER. There's also a lot more to b'ball than running up and down the hardwood, but I'm not a big hoops fan so I'm not gonna defend that one. But...

Can't they all drive clockwise for once? Or did they all fail their driver's tests when they were 16 because they couldn't properly execute a right-hand turn? :D

Ah, I'm just kiddin'. It's just some good-ol'-boy light-hearted ribbin' goin' on. Boogety-boogety-boogety boys, let's go racing!!! (Seriously, that's gotta be the most redneck thing I've ever heard...)

If you want a prediction: can't bet against Earnhardt...(or can you? :therock: )

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Before yesterday's 150-mile duels, i would have gone with Jimmie Johnson. He won the Shootout last week, and was leading the Duel when he was taken out by Harvick.

Now, after the damage, i would have to go with Tony Stewart. He won the other Duel, finished 2nd in the 500 last year and is always a factor on the Plate tracks.

Although its really pretty dumb to go against either of the DEI cars at Daytona or Tally. Junior and Micheal are have won like 10 of the last 15 or something stupid like that.

I highly doubt it will be one of the Roush Cars (Busch, Martin, Kenseth, Edwards, Biffle). It seems like they always have bad luck in the 500, either with engine failures or whatever else.

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