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Okay, I know its not a "sports logo," but bear with me. I made this about a week ago for my Dad. He is a lieutenant in said organization, and he asked me to throw a logo idea together, since the current logo is out of date, and frankly, quite ugly. It is a "photo-style" eagle that is too detailed for any prectical logo applications, and thus it looks really crappy when they embroider it, which is really its prime application. They embroider it on their uniforms, hats, and some civilian clothes, and maybe letterhead or the occasional poster, but I am not certain. Anyway, let me know what you think of this new one. It is simple so it will embroider well, and it is by request, "an eagle with a lightning bolt." The lettering is applied for mock-up purposes, as that is how it will look on most applications. It may end up being one-color on some clothing, particularly the uniforms, meaning there will be no fill colors, just the outlines.


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As far as I know, the uniform patches and hats will be BLACK with a GREY eagle and RED lettering. Meaning all the black outlines of the eagle will be grey, and all the fill areas will "show through" as black, though they will actually be black thread. The uniforms are not supposed to be "highly visible," which is why this subdued coloring will be used in that case. The low-vis version may even get a cameo on the armored vehicle! w00t!


We are exploring a "Cleveland-unique" version of a new logo, probably incorporating silhouettes of the Terminal Tower, KeyTower, and BP Building.

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It's very nice, I think you accomplished your goal well.

I think that you could add a little detail in the bird's right (close) wing without making it too complicated. A simple line or something would work well.

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