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Arizona Rattlers Recoloring


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With the rumors of Steve Ellman thinking about buying the Arizona Rattlers and moving them to the Glendale Arena next year. I thought what if I took the Rattlers and put them in Coyotes/Sting(NLL) and this is the result I got


C&C appreciated

I took the teal and Copper away and put the Brick Red and Sand that the Coyotes use

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That would be interesting...I wonder if America West Arena would be ticked off losing them? Or would they care?

And, Glendale would have TWO football teams...hmmm...

With the AWA and the Suns ownership buying the ECHL franchise, I don't think they really care what happens to them. But Steve Ellman wants to buy them so that the arena has 8 days lined up. But I think with the Ratts in the Glendale Arena, it would feel like a better experience

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