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Celtics shorts WTF


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I like these shorts. I'd be open for them to be the new uni, have a white version, and a black version. I don't really buy the whole argument of "that's the way it's always been so don't change." I like upgrading if it's done right. As far as the price, yeah...ok.

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Black, White...seriously people.

The celtics package is about GREEN.

As long as it is predominatly green and simple, with "clean" lines and no screen printings, ill be cool.

The shorts are great. I love the use of A LOGO!

So they use black instead of white. Rather minor in my eyes.

and the whole gangsta rap connection...does anyone even listen to gangsta rap this side of 1995?

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Those Green & Black Celtic shorts are in the same design as the first team wore in 1946-47, complete with their "t-shirt" style jerseys. I believe Red must be in a home somewhere. I mean Green and Black shorts, WHITE shoes at home? These ain't your geandfathers Celtics. C'mon Danny! You played for the Green and White. Where's your Celtic pride?

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Absolutely HORRENDOUS!!! Another storied franchise buckles and gives in to the forces of blatant commercialism/merchandising.

Aside from the presence of the color Green and a shamrock in the design, these shorts are abysmal. The large triangular insert is a blatant attempt to wedge as much Black into the design as possible. For what? A bit of Oakland Raiders/WWE/gangsta "street cred"?

When Rick Pitino swept into town, there was a rumor that he explored the possibility of radically changing the Celtics' look - both home and road. Supposedly a slightly darker Green and a metallic Gold were going to be added to the uniforms, primarily in the form of "Celtic knot" detailing added to the neck, sleeve, waistline, leg hem and shorts striping. There was some talk of the CELTICS mark on the jersey being rendered in a more Celtic-style font. The leprechaun logo was supposedly going to be updated and rendered in a more active pose (perhaps, something akin to the colonial figure in Phoenix Design Works' proposed Philadelphia 76ers package).

Nothing ever came of it... and with good reason. The Celtics possess a look that transcends gimmickry. That said, I'd have taken the rumored Pitino Era redesign - all of its "bells and whistles" included - over the liberal use of Black that we can expect in the Celtics rumored "alternates.

This is, quite frankly, CRAP!

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wow, i'm stunned by the glasgow celtic jersey. thankfully i don't think they are rocking that during the current campaign.

here's an excerpt from Phil Mushnick's column in today's New York Post where he discusses the Duke-St.John's game and Steve Lavin's insightful commentary.

"Saturday, the Duke Blue Devils played in their mostly black uniforms. That, too, brought to mind Lavin's penchant for unwitting candor. While at UCLA, he explained the addition of a black uniform to the Bruins' legendary light-blue-and-gold wardrobe as a means to maximize recruiting/marketing efforts.

Lavin recognized then that we had reached the stage where recruits would choose a college based on the color of its uniforms. After all, Nebraska had lost urban football recruits to Colorado because, while the recruits would be happy to wear Colorado black, they wouldn't be caught dead ? or might get shot dead ? wearing Bloods-red. (Nebraska later threw in some black.) "

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