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Teams separated at birth


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I can see why major league/minor league baseball logos may look the same because their affiliated. And I guess that works in hockey, too (Reading Royals, Manchester Monarchs).

But this one (and I apologize if it has been posted before and if so, some moderator immediately kill this thread) I don't get.

So for my first teams separated at birth, I present:

The NBA's Atlanta Falcons (left) and the AIFL's Johnstown Riverhawks (right):


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No, the Lumber Kings became the Gears for 1½ years and then the team was moved to Canton, OH for a half of a season. Then the team folded after a year or two of hiatus and a couple of name changes (Arctic Xpress and the Canton Ice Patrol, which had the worst logo in the history of logos).

Now Saginaw has the OHL Spirit and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could if they could win some more.

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