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Which Montreal Royales' concept do you like best?


Which Montreal Royales' concept do you like the best? (Please read post below before voting.)  

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Most of you have seen both my Montreal Royales' concepts, most of you haven't. And made helpful comments as well. I put up a red colour concept months ago, plus I made some alterations during that time, and I have recently put up a blue one. But both of the concepts I've done are so awesome, I can't decide which is the best one. Anyway, here are the 2 concepts posted below, click on the link, and vote for the one you like:

Royales' blue concept

This one is from the old Brooklyn Dodgers' farm days, taken into the 21st century. I used the Expos' old road script, but I was too lazy to do the home script by hand, so I used the script that was on the logo.

Royales' red concept

Even though the blue colour is synonymous to the Montreal Royals' history, I just couldn't resist using the red colour, and the Red Sox script. I ditched the Padres-like script from the logo, and replaced it with the Red Sox font.

Votes and C & C are well appreciated.

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While we're on the subject of the Royales, Omar Minaya wore a Royales cap to the Nats-Mets game the other day.

Yeah, I noticed that, maybe he's missin' Montreal. I thought that was a Mets alternate at first. You know, another freaking Mets cap that isn't an orange NY on royal blue.

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The old minor league team Jackie Robinson played for was the Royals, a name which is the same in both French and English.


The failed CBL team that never played a game in MTL was the Royales, the feminine version of Royals - which made little sense in French.

It is highly doubtful that any serious team would adopt the feminine name. If MTL ever gets a new team and decided to use the famous old name they surely would not repeat the CBL's linguistic blunder and go with Royals.

ps. I think the Blue is much better. ^_^

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To me, this is still too close to call, but seems to me history favours blue. I must admit it just screams out tradition, when you think about it. (All the more reaso to do a Royals blue script.)


Any more C & C?

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First let me apologize to anyone who was offended by my rants about the hockey concepts. And I didn't know he's only 15. I've sold uniforms to high schools, colleges and pro teams in the Rochester area since 1967. I've outfitted the Amerks. So I've seen a lot of uniform trends in 38 years. And I think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to uniform design. So consider me an "old school" guy who is stuck in the past. All of you people out there are very talented and creative. Let's pretend this never happened and start fresh. Also, my remark about the Habs is something I've heard them called for years. It was a poor choice of words on my part.

As for the ROYALS concept I definitely like the blue combo, akin to the Dodgers. Maybe Montreal can get the Ottawa Lynx to move there. Does Mtl. have a AAA-size ball park?


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