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I can't really argue that any of those guys shouldnt be on the team, solid picks. I do think, however, it's crazy that people say Chris Paul is the best PG prospect since Jason Kidd. CP3's good, but he has a lot of flaws still to correct, not to mention not a soul on Earth has the vision Kidd does.

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So the best All American isn't an American.

Does this happen often?

Any thought of changing the name?

All-Americn is a list of the top 5 plyers via position. Ryan Gomes should be in that five although his team sucks! I do not give a good gosh darn,about who is where; Hakim Warrick is in the top 5 too. Add the Arizona kid, so you have tow spaces and who get them? Reddick? McCants? May? Paul? Frye? I really don't care. Doesn't the Utah kid play in the Americas? Therefore, shouldn't he be an All- American? Regardless, he is a player, the best player from that conference since Van Horn and Andre Miller, who went to the championship game. If they make the NBA is another story. We citizens of the U.S. may be too specific about the term, "American". Now, I am not the best judge of college players, but the little PG from UW should be first team. I am not going to be in a pool, butif asked UW will go far accoring to me. We will talk about sleepers later.

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