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Making Logos


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Hey how do you guys make those cool logos? And where can you make them? And can you make them for free?

Some time back I asked similar questions.

A quiet word, if I may.

The guys here usually draw them in some manner, either through hand drawing or straight onto the PC.

Eventually they end up in graphics software such as Illustrator or Correl.

A lot of people make them for practice, but it depends on how complicated they are, and where they are going to be used.

If you were to re-draw your old high school logo for a Fantasy Sports team for instance, then anyone could trace it out in Illustrator and send it to you.

If you required a logo for a minor league team, and were looking for someone to design it for you, according to your specifications, and then have it used commercially, then there are serious artists on this forum, who expect (deservedly) to get paid for plying their craft.

What people here don't seem to like is the notion that there are talented people here who can be taken advantage of to get what you want, without contributing to the boards yourself.

This is a community of like minded people, and varying degrees of talent. Some people like to help, as it increases the skills. Others like to get paid for doing, most likely, a more professional job.

I am in the former, I have no talent for drawing, but I can assist in tracing basic concepts in Illustrator if you require.

Illustrator & Correl are programs used by designers as the drawing doesn't go all bitmappy when you expand or reduce the size of the drawing.

I trust I've done justice to the general feeling of the community.

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Photo bucket is better, I have been using it for about a year and have seen no problems, but in my brief tenure with angelfire had alot of difficulties, that's why I switched.

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