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2005 CCSLC March Madness Play-In Game


Vote for the best overall concept  

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This is the opening-round game,the winner to move onto the big dance and the field of 64.Vote for the best overall concept.The voting will run for 3 days or until

75-100 total votes have been placed.If the vote number gets reached the voting stops and the winner goes right into the bracket.The bracket and seedings will not be posted until the play-in game has ended.

Aussie's Firebirds


JamesJDuncan's Firebirds


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Damn how can I get into this tournament???

Dang!I wanted to get you in after you posted all the NHL concepts over the weekend because at the time I had open slots,but by Sunday afternoon all of my original invites had accepted PLUS I had members PMing me out of the woodworks

with their concepts of the last 6 months wanting to join in,and I had to turn quite a few away.If this goes over well during this month and the interest stays good I plan to do this next year with smaller qualifying tourneys leading up to it and also have all of the other big CCSLC contests(IronCrossover,Hometeam Haulover,Minor League Challenge,Saintsfans' Challenge) winners recieve an automatic bid up to two entries max.I'm anxious to see how this will all come off.

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Yo! I'm the bubble game. That's sweet!

Good luck to everyone, thanks for letting me run with the big dogs B)

-listening to soe Disturbed, pumping up for the game. Hell, it's like the dek league locker room all over again. :woot:

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We should'nt feel too bad for Aussie......he has another concept that is solidly in the field of 64 just waiting for tip-off to start.This is good for James as it's the only concept he had entered and it gives him a chance to compete in the Big Dance.

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