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My very 1st NASCAR concept


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First of all, excellent art work. Not to detract from the obvious work that you put in, but:

1. The side and front views show the front painted white around the headlights and the Ford logo. The top view does not show this.

2. The top part of the "Coke swish" that's painted on the side is hard to see. Maybe a different color could help bring this out.

3. I'm not a fan of the number font. Nascar fonts create the appearance of speed and power. This needs to be beefed up.

All in all, I like your concept. That's much better than anything I could have done.

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i agree very nice concept the coca cola logo almost looks like the bottle logo itself. its great to see these nascar concepts to see if real race teams will pick them up. since its a roush-like car, there should be a roush-like number font like mark martin or greg biffle's. overall, great job.

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