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No, no, no. Raster is bad for a printer or uniform guy in general. The problem you are having is that your strokes are not being scaled along with the images. Select your object, then select OBJECT>TRANSFORM>SCALE. There is a little box on the SCALE window that says something like "Scale Strokes and Effects." You want to check that box, then you will not have a problem with your resizing problem.

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tempest is correct, check to make sure "scale strokes & effects", objects, and patterns are selected before scaling. you can access this by double-clicking the scale icon on the toolbar.

if the scaling is not an issue it may be the design itslef doesn't lend well to small reproduction. you then may need to reduce some detail, and/or re-adjust object spacing to get a nice claen look at the reduced size.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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