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some NFL draft logos I made...


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My first response? "Eww... bevels."

First move would be to drop those... generally a rule of logo design is no Photoshop bevels.

It looks like a plethora of logos and logo clichés layered together into a logo. The banner, the collegiate-style "2005" (with one too many outlines), the AFC and NFC logos (unnecessary IMO, since what conference you're in plays no role in your position in the draft), and more.

Keep trying... by all means, keep trying... and to help you understand common logo style, check out some of the past logos. Typically NFL special event logos are somewhat cartoony, with heavy outlines, and motion dynamics worked in. They also often work in the host city into their special event graphics.

So although I'm not a huge fan of this concept, I know you'll get better with practice.

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The beveling is fine depending on the target audience and medium. Generally, however, I agree with SyPhi.

I would suggest either beveling throughout the logo or not at all. These present both a 3D and 2D image and it doesn't work well (at least in this case).

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