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Chargers release Flutie


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and thus, the legend of Flutie may have met its end...who knows, maybe he'll be like Major Harris and bounce around the semipros for a little bit, though I couldn't really see him going that route as the vast majority of semipro teams don't/can't afford to pay anybody. oddly enough, da Major's STILL bouncing around the semipro/arena circuits, last i heard.

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doug flutie could not be done yet, theres always the afl, the league that produced kurt warner.

on one hand i see where you're going...QB heaven in that you'd have a realistic shot at throwing 5 TDs every week like it's nothin, and get to throw on almost every play...and on the other hand, QB hell in that you MUST make your decisions a hell of a lot more quickly than in the NFL, and that's sayin somehting.

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For some reason I dont think this it it for him. I watched both of his starts the past two seasons, and he still has it. He can still move and can still throw.

Possible places for him to go (assuming he's smart and doesnt demand too much $):

1. Atlanta- Help the also undersized Vick become a better passer. Although FLutie will be number 3 because Matt Schaub will be the franchise backup.

2. Seattle- Hasslebeck is the guy there, but Seattle needs a backup. Flutie is not that man- Senneca Wallace is. Wallace is very talented, but is undersized (5 11) Let Flutie come in primarily to mentor Wallace, then Seattle has a solid back up until Hasslebeck is done, and when Hasslebeck is done Wallace gets a chance for a few years of starts.

3. New England- Is Rohan Davey even good, or is he just there because Brady simply doesnt get hurt? Let Flutie add even more character to this franchise. Brings Flutie back to the market that embraced him in college.

4. New Orleans- Bring some excitement to the team, plus give Brooks more competition/motivation than Todd Bouman.

5. Giants- Jesse Palmer sucks, and Manning will be plenty durable so Flutie makes money with a clipboard.

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