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Marlins seeking 2010 or 2011 All Star Game


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Marlins seeking All-Star Game

By Joe Capozzi

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Sunday, March 06, 2005

JUPITER ? The Marlins will ask Major League Baseball to award them the All-Star Game in 2010 or 2011 if the team opens a new ballpark in 2008, team President David Samson said Saturday.

Samson said he has had "general discussions about the idea of playing an All-Star Game in Florida" with MLB officials. But he won't approach the league again until the Marlins have secured a financing package for a proposed $420 million retractable-roof stadium next to the Orange Bowl.

The Marlins need $30 million, and Miami-Dade County officials plan to ask the state legislature this month or next month for the money.

Samson would not discuss the ballpark efforts, but he said he is optimistic that the Marlins would host an All-Star Game within the first few years after the new ballpark opens.

"I would hope we would get it in 2010 or 2011," he said.

The Marlins have never hosted an All-Star Game. In 1995 they were promised the 2000 game, but MLB moved it to Atlanta because the Marlins franchise was in transition.

The All-Star Game, which will be played in Detroit this year, will be hosted in Pittsburgh in 2006 and in San Francisco in '07.

Selig reportedly has told the St. Louis Cardinals they could either have the 2008 or '09 All-Star Game. But 2009 seems more likely because the American League will be due to host a game in 2008. That could put the Marlins on track to host in 2011.

Selig has said the rotation of flipping the game from league to league may not be a factor in the near future as other sites are selected.

"We do love the All-Star Game as a showcase for our new venues," Selig said last month.

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