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NHL Alternate Jersey Ideas

Nick 1733

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Alright, I originally released these back in April of '04 but with the emergence of NHL Alternate concepts surfacing, I thought I'd re-post these.

A lot of them are 'way out there' but it was fun.

Let me know what you all think.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks


Colorado Avalanche - Their alt logo, my design.


Dallas Stars - Removed the red.


Detroit Red Wings - Used a vintage logo.


Montreal Canadiesn - The jersey design is Avenger's, the fleur de lis w/ the 'M' is his idea too, I just did my own logo based of his idea.


New Jersey Devils - My design, x-line logo.


Tampa Bay Lightning - Put their alt. logo on the 'Storm' jersey.


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Carolina Hurricanes - used elements from their current jerseys


Los Angeles Kings - current white template and the '96 alternate logo re-colored


Minnesota Wild


Pittsburgh Penguins - took the idea's and style from their old uni's


St Louis Blues


Vancouver Canucks - 80's logo on current alt. design minus gradient.


Washington Capitals - took the colors and design from the '00 unused design


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:shocked: *Jaw hits floor*

I'm speechless! (In a good way!)

Those are AWSOME!

Being a native of St. Louis I have to Say I've always liked that Blues logo. The Jersey is SWEET too! The Caps Is Probably one of the best. Those are excelent!

I'd love to see you do one for the Blue Jackets. Keep up the good work!


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I must say that is a perfect change to the Tampa jersey. That logo looks much better on there than the other one, fits the design better. I really like Minnesota's too.

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some good some not.

my take on all them:

Ducks- way to busy, but has potential.

avs- not digging the black. tad bit busy.

stars - like the template. like the minus red. don't like the "mooterus". other wise nice jersey.

Wings - wings could use an alternate. i like the vintage-modern mix. definately works as an alternate.

habs - too quebec nordiqueish. the habs have a boring logo as it is. they need an over haul period.

Devils - not sure how i feel about the devils. the x line logo makes a great alternate logo. maybe go with a simpler design.

Bolts - the lightning third was one of my favorite thirds, i have one in my closet i bought a couple of years ago. i like the use of the alternate logo. one of the best designs on here.

Canes - not crazy about the use of black. not sure how i would put together a canes alternate.

Kings - now that should be the alternate of the kings. i always liked the kings alternate from 10 years ago. but this one is much better.

Wild - it seems a bit unfinished. needs more striping on the interior. but i do like the use of trees at the bottom and sleeves of the jersey.

Pens - a gold alternate that looks good. i personally love the concept. they should seriously consider it as an alternate.

Blues - not digging the barber shop stripes. i like the horn logo redone. it would look nice on there current template.

canucks - i like the elimination of the gradients and the use of the old logo in current colors. perfect tweak to an otherwise nice alternate.

Caps - not digging the sky blue. i like the colors navy, red, and copper/dark gold and it would look good on this jersey maybe tweak the logo with those colors. but i do like the unused logo. not sure why the caps dropped it. it certainly had potential.

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Ones that I like:

- Kings, probably because the jersey hasn't changed at all.

- Stars, you've gotten rid of the red, but would work better if you got rid of the Mooterus logo, which was even more reviled than the red.

- Blues, if you lessened the amount of stripes and used nav blue instead of black, it's a hit.

The rest...all I'll say is WOW!!! (And sorry, but nothing you can do can help the Avs, they're a lost cause.)

(And no offense to the people that use it, but I can't help but cringe anytime anybody uses my first hockey jersey template now.)

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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That Washington jersey is AWESOME. While the colors are slightly Vancouverish, vancouver and DC are a long long ways apart. I would not mind them using that jersey as a basis for an identity, and this is coming from a guy whose favorite color scheme in sports is the capitals/wizards weird blue/copper/black.

Just put a matching red stripe on the bottom.

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