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Northern League ASG logo

Ez Street

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I felt the need to post this, can't remember what it was a part of but maybe some contest way back:


Really, only the Gary one applys here. Why I watermarked these...I'll never know.

:shocked:<_< (Grabs bridge of nose, shakes head and sighs)

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The All-Star logo is a very typical logo for the Northern League.

The league unveiled this "new" league logo in January. Rubbish!


The Northern League prides itself on being the best independent league in baseball. They need to take some pride and create an image for the league.

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Oh man.

Even if you forgive the liberal use of Impact, this is amateur hour.

The smaller top text touches the All Star text, the red text has a white, then green stroke, the green text has a white then a red stroke, the paw has a green stroke then grey stroke and the whole thing (ball) has no stroke.


The paw thing is the worst though. Because the didn't carry it behind the lettering (which they butchered the letter R in STAR btw) it gives no sense that the paw is actually reaching around anything.......just that its pasted there and mercilessly outlined to try to save it.

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Kind of a weird place to have a All-Star Game.

Not sure what's so weird about it. Gary, Ind., has a team in the Northern League -- The Gary South Shore Railcats. It seems only right.

I said it because I've heard nothing but negative stuff about Gary. I guess everybody gets their chance to host the ASG.

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