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Diamondbacks color change


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Well yeah, you made it.

I mean, you wouldn't work on something and then say it's a piece of crap.

I sort of did...

3. Philadelphia Happy

Needs a couple "z"s on the end.

I'd love to see a logo mock-up. :P

Something I put together in 10 minutes-(I had to dig out the CD for the clip art-do the main work in publisher-recolour in paint-save as a png & add it to my photobucket account)-


Ain't it awful?

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You know, if the d-backs just got rid of the zigzaggy thing on the left side of the "A" the logo might not be half bad. The snakehead hidden inside the "A" stylizes the letter just enough. The zigzag, whatever color, just complicates it and makes it harsh on the eyes.


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patsox, the Dbacks colors are fine. They will never change their colors or at least not in the next few years. Orange and green will not be the colors, Purple, teal and copper will

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