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Jr. B hockey team seeking new name


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Stumbled across this while surfing the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League's website (KIJHL.com) :


Renaming the Golden Jr. Rockets

The Golden Jr. Rockets are looking for a new name, in an effort to revitalize the team's image and make it into a more marketable brand for advertisers and sponsors.

Team President Colleen Palumbo says the move was approved nearly unanimously during a stakeholder meeting last week.

The team directors agreed with coach Brad Fox that the time had come to give the Rockets a new identity in what they hope will be the first step on the way to building a winner.

The team's board has therefore decided to give the task of renaming the team to the public, by holding a contest with prizes for whoever comes up with the best idea.

Fans are encouraged to drop by the Star to fill out a form with a suggested new name. If you aren't in town feel free to e-mail Colleen Palumbo at colleenpalumbo@hotmail.com.


It doesn't say anything about a new logo, but I'm sure that will be needed eventually and they probably wouldn't turn down any suggestions.

I didn't think 'Rockets' was such a bad name. I think I'll throw 'Retrievers' into the ring. :D

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