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Two Random Logos


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I've been messing around with photoshop working on creating logos the past few days to improve my logo making abilities and I've come up with a few "odd" logos. I figured I might as well post them here since I have nothing else to do with them. I don't really plan to do anything with either of them, they are both just practice.

Anyway, first is the Clowns. I'm from Indiana and as many of you know, back in the day there was a Negro League team by the name of the Indy Clowns. I wanted to create a logo for an Indiana team. My first urge was to make a new IU logo, but even a Hoosier doesn't know what a Hoosier looks like, so I guess you can't really top an interlocking I and U. Then I thought about the Colts, but the only thing I could think of doing was something very similar to the Broncos logos. I also had no ideas for the Pacers, so I settled with the Clowns. I know that the hat is a little weird looking, and the hair on the left side is kind of far back on the head, but other than that, I sort of like it. Since horror movies have turned clowns into, well, monsters, I tried to make it not very scary. Here it is. Comments, questions, compliments, complaints, suggestions, and any thing else would be greatly appreciated.

My second logo was for a team with the nickname "Ogres" (no location yet). The inspiration for this logo was actualy seeing a post by someone on the boards with "ogres" in their screenname. Anyway, at first I tried to make the dumb, oafish ogre looking logo, but it ended up looking more like a green marshmellow with a face. Here is that one. So doing the opposite of what I did with the clowns, I pursued a meaner look. I think I kind of achieved the ugly, mean ogre look with this one. I attempted to make it look like he is missing an eye (it looks more like it is swollen shut) and I tried giving it some scrapes and cuts. Here it is. Comments, questions, compliments, complaints, suggestions, and anything else would be greatly appreciated. Umm...so there you have it, two random logos I came up with while messing around. ...Enjoy?

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