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Colorado State black jersey


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i do believe it is just that we dont care.

on a side note, try putting in some photographic evidence next time. colorado state does not have black in its color scheme, so i dont believe it is them that you saw.

oh yeah, yankees have black alternates this year. ask Pantone, its to remember Giambi's horrible season from a year ago. Also released is the new sleeve patch with a hypodermic needle and the phrase "I didnt do no steriods, Ms. Watson." on it.

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I'm a rookie and no one has givin me crap yet :D oops I gave it away

But then again I try not to be annoying and scream "HEY OVER HERE LOOK AT MY WORK" lol

And by the way I admire all of your guy's work, Only one day hopefully will I be up the the artistic standards your at. (Is that sucking up to much?) B)

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