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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!

2003 looks like a promising year for the site, the progress we have made since introducing the 'new look' is quite good.

I figured I'd let you all know what we have done so far.  Basically we are working on the NHL section and will introduce it once it is complete.  We have created the webpages that house 78 logos so far, and with the holidays over with that number will hopefully increase quite a bit in the next week.  (it has increased from 43 to 78 since noon Jan 1)

Please remain patient, it will be worth it!

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creamer..i was lookin at the NHL section from tanks site. great set up. i like the official team colors u added. looks great.

Thanks, but credit to PuckGuy for the design and Team Colours idea

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great job puckguy. i noticed one thing on the ducks. u have as their away shoulder patch as the eggplant center with the green outline. thats not it. its the same one as the home. take a look at the authentic jersey in their shop

Ducks Authentic jersey

heres a better picture at Icejerseys.com

CLick here

They must've changed it since then, or the jersey on that website is incorrect.

I scanned those images from the 2000/01 and 2001/02 NHL Style Guides.

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You can find a link to Tank's page on the StyleNet box on my site.   It's the Cyberclopedia... I always forget the URL...  http://www.sportsecyberpedia.com i think

isnt it www.sportsecyclopedia.com ? thats what it is for me..lol cyberpedia sounds cool though

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