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Norfolk Admirals thirds


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I've yet to see this in the boards, the Norfolk Admirals' third jerseys


Yes and i love them! They were supposed to wear these just or 2 games and then auction them off for charity but they have worn them constantly because of the huge fan support of the jerse here. I think this is the uniform they shouldve went with in the first place when the new owners (which is actually the ORIGINAL owner rebuying the franchise, hence the original logo being reused in this alt) bought the franchise. Rumor in the papers here has it that this will be the permanant alt next season, replacing the Ranger-esque "ADMIRALS" alt with the lettering down the front. IMHO i hope the scrap the crappy looking battleship logo and make a white version of this uniform and run with that next season. I wouldve posted it here last weekend when they rolled the jersey out, but i couldnt find pics of it online, great find on your part!!!!


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