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This is a REALLY promising start.

I'd say there is too much detail in certain places. (Head, feathers on wings, and feet)

The font is hard to read and the head looks stuck on to the B as a cap logo.

But the colors are really cool and the idea is great.

Take it one step more away from illustration, and toward logo. THen refine your text and secondary marks.

Good luck.

Love it.

EDIT** See if you can't pull this off without black....using just two blues.

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The primary needs work, but I'm digging the rest of it. Love the color scheme.

Why did you put the number on the front of one jersey, but not the rest?

no idea...thought it looked good on the road uniform....that is really the only reason....thanks for all the comments and suggestions..keep um coming

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while i am disappointed that there isn't "those" type of boobies, I like the design and the name itself is cool.

now if only we can get the baja boobies to play Team Hooters in the Boob Job Bowl sponsered in part by the Howard Stern show and Playboy. maybe it can be nominated for some golden globes. ^_^

alright 'nuff of the boob jokes.

awsome design.

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