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The first marlies concept on here.


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Nice work but I'm confused, do the Marlies play for the NHL or the AHL, and whats gonna happen with hockey in the U.S.? Is the U.S. gonna start a new league or will we continue with the NHL and redo stuff, or even keep ther NHL the same as is.

Anyway I'm not a big hockey fan I'm just curious. I think that is a VERY NICE concept you have there keep 'em comin'.

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The Toronto Marlies will be the AHL affiliate of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The NHL is currently trying to get a CBA for the 05-06 season anfd beyond. There still is hockey in the US, though.

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I know sai what the jerseys would be but here is my idea. I wanted a classic hockey look to go along with the crest. I didn't want anything radical.



way too close to the concept i was working on. Oh well I'll go with a more "Radical" look i suppose.

Good job man.

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