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An MS Paint Concept Stew


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I usually like your work AAO, but I'm not feeling any of these.

The Cowboy looks like the generic "Bandit" or "Wrangler" or "Outlaw" logo that teams with those names tend to use (except without the bandana over the mouth), and I'm not sure that the lowercase "y" works with the wordmark, and same for the "thorn" on the right side of the "S". I do however like how you placed "Dallas" on top, which I know is a change up for you. Also, you may want to improve the detail around the mouth, I can't tell if he's smiling or gritting his teeth. Either way I think it would look better with smoother lines and a more stoic look.

For the Bulls, the logo is completely rounded, but the wordmark is completely angled. I'm not saying that it violates any design principles, but it looks really awkward to me. Also, the bull looks too much like a horned horse for me. Maybe also make the horns grey? There could also stand to be an outline around the wordmark (right up against the actual letters.) It appears way to dark.

The Patriot looks like a chubby samauri or something. I think because of the eyes and chin, and the side of the hat looks like something is off.

I hope you don't take this as overly critical, I'm just trying to help. Keep it up.

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The bulls logo is my favorite of the three by far. The cowboy head and patriot head do seem a little awkward, but none of that takes away from the utmost repsect and admiration for the work you're able to do in paint. Simply inspiring.

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I too, like the Bulls, but the rest, well, they're better than anything I could do in Paint or Illustrator, but that aint saying much.

Cowboy looks a little 'Si Signor', and the Japanese Patriot guy, well, it's just a bit too much like their existing logo, except, not as good.

And I, too, being a Virginian, agree with the last Virginian

I used to be a virgin...

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