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Hello everyone,

This has been a crazy past few weeks... in my life and with this whole mess as well.

The server was the same old story, they told us we were sucking up all their resources so they suspended us. We have acquired a new server with a new company. We are promised that the site will never be suspended but we may hit slow periods during times when we would normally be suspended.

Because of these new perks the monthly bill has been doubled, if you are able to afford it, keep those donations coming, they are much appreciated.

I'd like to apologise to all the members of the community, especially those who have donated to the site. When we signed up with our past server we were told the only suspensions we would receive would be minor ones that would last about an hour at most, obviously that wasn't the case. If we could've prevented this you know we would've... we'll try not to let something like this happen ever again.

I'd also like to thank a few people... Clark Rasmussen for having to put up with me bugging him about this all the time, for helping find this new company, and for everything else he does for the site and the boards; Kevin Joseph for installing everything onto the new server, we had no experience dealing with this configuration and he spent his whole day Saturday setting this all up for all you guys; Brad Joiner for setting up a very nice temporary board while we were out of comission; and last, but certainley not least, Patricia Major for just being there whenever she can be.

If anyone would like to add any comments, ask any questions, or give thanks to the guys who brought things back to life, please do so here.



Chris Creamer

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I was wondering why the temp boards were having problems...

And with that being said, KICK ASS WE ARE BACK :grin::cursing:

The problems with the temp board have nothing to do with these boards being back up... merely a coincidence. It looks like that server is having the same problems the old one here was, too much going on at the same time.

no worries, chris....thanks for just having the site!

everyone that donates their time and effort here, i applaud you.

Thanks Joel, I appreciate your words.

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Well, I think the bugs are worked out. It'll take some time for the new DNS to propogate out and for people's machines to dump the old settings from the cache, so it may be tomorrow or later until some people will be able to reach this new site.

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It great to see the site is up again. Thanks to all of those responsible for making this happen. :notworthy:

EDIT: I jst noticed the "Forthcoming Calendar Events within the next 5 days" part in the main page.

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