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Buffalo Bandits Lacrosse Update


Better or Worse?  

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Steve, I DO like your update. It is cleaner and sharper than the old. Has more style.

My 2¢ nitpicks are; the grey blob under his left hand- what is it; Smooth out the line on the bottom edge of the type.

Is your orange stroke on top or underneath the white letters. It looks like it's on top and making it look a teeny bit clunky.

Despite the cute girl, you do beat the old one, easily.

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I like the update of the color scheme and the slight change in font, but one thing I like better on the current logo is that the Bandit actually has eyes. Too many logos are going with the "spooky" eyes look. After a while they just all blend together. Use your changes but find a way to give the Bandit a face and you have a real winner.

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But you got rid of the bastardized blue that looked like purple...

And about the eyes, they are a big feature shown at the Arena all of the time...

Finally, about the current unis: the home black is the worst uniform I have ever seen. It should be more of an inversion of the road jersey. It should also get rid of the wordmark behind the Bandit on the jersey.

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