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WAC baseball concepts


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well now that we are back home, here are my baseball concepts for the WAC.

for the Pac-10 set, click here

for the Mountain West set, click here

first off I would like to point out to those who might not allready know, that four schools (UTEP, SMU, Rice, Tulsa) will be leaving the WAC in September and three schools will be joining for most sports (Idaho, New Mexico State, Utah State) with one more joining in baseball only (Sacramento State). So I did these concepts to reflect those changes

San Jose State - the actual baseball unis have basic piping with tailed script across the chest and a white block SJ on the hat. These however, I went modern, with some black accents. Blue and yellow however are still the dominant colors of the uniforms though. The SJ logo is actually from a zephyr hat that I have. I thought it would go well with this style of uniform

Fresno State - The actual uniforms are very similar to these, however I used the button fly piping rather then the collar piping they actually use. I wanted to keep red the dominant color at home and somewhat on the road, although I went with a blue hat for the road.

Sacramento State - Like I said, the baseball program will be joining the WAC next spring. thier actual unis use pinstripes and lettering that is clearly a ripoff of the 94-99 Astros wordmark. So I went with the school's actual wordmarks in its place and went with two color piping and vests. Black is a part of thier scheme now, so the road uni has a black undershirt and a black hat with green bill.

Hawai'i - the actual unis are plain looking, so I wanted to see them livened up a bit. Therefore I used the polynesian pattern that thier football team uses as trim. I am real satisfied with how this one turned out

Nevada - the actual unis are pinstriped and use a script ripoff of the Padres pre-2004. I took away thier pinstripes and went with a vest with piping on the collar and the armholes. Also went with a flat serifed font that matches the school wordmarks as the scripts. The actual hats look OK with a simple white N on navy hat, but since Im making a concept here I wanted something a bit more interesting so I went with the N-Wolf logo in sliver on the navy hat.

Utah State - a new school to this conference, and they dont have a baseball program. Most of the school's athletic programs use a block A logo, and although it would have made a decent looking hat, I dont think "Utah State" when I see a hat with an A on it. So I put thier U-state logo on the hats. I also used the school wordmarks on the jerseys, and pretty much stuck to only navy and white on these concepts. Modernists will find them boring, but traditionalists will like them.

New Mexico State - another new school to the conference. The actual unis put the full map logo on the hats. I felt that since that logo was predominately burgundy as well as the hat, it wouldnt make sense to go that route. So I put the NM logo on its own on the hats. Yes, they are vests (hey, players like them) but I kept the piping simple, with the NM State logo on the left chest.

Boise State - this school has no baseball program. I kept them simple yet a little modern at the same time with some elastic trim rather then piping. The school wordmarks work well as baseball scripts. I feel these would be ideal unis for this sort of program should they ever take the field on a NATURAL GREEN PLAYING SURFACE! :cursing::hockeysmiley: (sorry, couldnt resist)

Idaho - the last new school to this conference. No baseball program here. However thier script wordmark lends itself so well as a baseball script I just had to use it as such. also I went with modern upward tapering shoulder and pants striping as well as gold piping. The shoulder logo is the zephyr X-line logo. Another one of my favorites from this set.

Louisiana Tech - the actual unis are plain but use sleeve piping similar to that on MLB spring training jerseys. However I thought that SF Giants style piping looked better. Basic varsity block lettering, and yes, that is indeed a powder blue road uni. I hope this school revisits its graphic identity soon because while there is nothing wrong with what they have, its just boring as hell

Ive allready done the West Coast Conference, but I wont post those for a couple of days. I will wait until these get some views first.

Enjoy :D

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