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Behold the great change of the century....

Alphabet Man

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From now on, Matthew Morris Design is dead. Now (for the six hundredth time) it will be just 'Morris'. I was going to wait for my new website to be completed before unveiling the change but i thought 'what the heck, just do it' so here it is, the logo and change you have all been waiting for.....


Yes, going back to the first logo I ever made and modernising it a bit and adding a new wordmark.

Plus, everyone, there will be a lot of new things coming from the Morris camp (yeah, bit lonely by myself) so look out for the bright ideas (should I remember them when I get around to all that stuff) so from now on, it is Morris. By the way, it is just Morris, no design on the end so it wont confuse with Steve-O's Morris Design although my website will say Morris Design it is just meaning that the link means that that is where the designs are.

So what do you think of the new logo? and yeah those images in my sig are just leftovers from Matthew Morris Design.

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