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West Coast Conference baseball concepts


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Here is the last college baseball set I plan to do. All schools in this conference have baseball programs, so I had to research to make sure I didnt create something that allready exsisted

and in case you missed them:

Pac-10 Baseball set

Mountain West Baseball set

WAC Baseball set

San Francisco - obvious tie ins with thier major league counterpart here. the hat logo is actually the same one worn by the Giants from 83-93 (the "humm baby" era as we call it around here). The Dons actually did at one point wear that same SF monogram, and the uniforms were basically Giants unis from that era recolored in green and gold. Today the actual unis incorporate a lot of black, and they use the PCL Seals style SF on the hats. I went with a Times New Roman font on the jerseys to match the logo. They are pretty good this year too I might add. At the time of this posting they were currently in first place in the WCC.

St. Mary's College (CA) - Thier actual unis are pretty basic. I thought I would liven them up with a vest and with red piping. Yes, that is the same SM that Mississippi St. uses. The Gaels really do use it too. I used to run a route in Moraga and I would see baseball players from St. Mary's wearing that logo. When doing my research for this project though, I did learn that possibly by the next school year the Gaels will be unveiling a new logo package for thier athletic programs.

Santa Clara - this program also has relatively simple unis. although the wordmarks would have looked good on the jerseys I stayed with the SC monogram on the left chest. There is some black on these to help highlight the burgundy. Nothing too revolutionary, I just felt these would look better then what they currently wear.

Pepperdine - another program that has simple unis. These ones are modern, with double tapers to suggest the wave logo they currently use, as well as a vest. One thing about thier actual baseball unis, is that they use navy blue rather then the true blue that all the other programs use. So I fixed that, and yes this is a vest. I know, vests arent popular with everyone. However we see more of them because like I said before, they are popular with the players

Loyola Marymount - I almost chose not to do this one :D, but I went ahead and did anyways. The primary color on the actual unis is burgundy, and these stay true to that. However the actual home uni is pinstriped, so I replaced that with Braves style piping with the burgundy framing the navy. Also the actual hats have the leaping lion on them. Since I prefer letter logos on baseball hats I went that route with a vertical LMU. I wanted the home unis to say "LIONS" but since I work in PSP I couldnt get it to arch and look how I wanted it to look. So I settled with the LMU wordmark on all unis.

San Diego - actual unis are plain, trimless unis with script logos that mimic the San Francisco script the Giants use on thier jackets. So what I did here was give them trim and use the actual school's wordmarks on the unis. And yes, a powder blue road uni. I did originally have it gray, but it looked kinda awkward with the two tone blue trim. I also used the blue jays number font because I felt it matched the wordmarks well.

Portland - actual unis are pinstriped with block lettering. I still kept them simple however, as this is the simplest, most basic concept of this set. No black on these whatsoever, and the script from the school logos adorns the jerseys. the road jersey script I had to construct out of the Pilots script. Some will find this one boring, but traditionalists will like it.

Gonzaga - this school also has pinstriped unis, with a tailed script wordmark on them. What I did here was take away the pinstripes, use the split lettered scripts that the basketball team uses, and gave them trim to match that split lettering, unvoking memories of past Toronto Blue Jays uniforms.

and with that I am done with these college baseball unis. Of course some people will ridicule me for not experimenting enough :rolleyes: but hey, at least none of them are pink! ^_^

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