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Entrepreneur mag talks about logos


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In this month's Entrepreneur magazine, there is a whole feature on logos and how corporate identites/branding are so important.

Dunno why I chose to share it here, but I thought of you all when I saw it. I think a lot of folks underestimate the importance of logos/identities. Interesting story, anyway.

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Is this article in the April issue?  I can't find anything about it on the magazine's website.  Thanks in advance.

Yeah, it's in the magazine. I looked online too, because I wanted to link it. But it's not there.

But you need to buy it I guess. I don't know how much it would really help, but it was nice - in that - it really talked about logos and how a corporate identity was worth the investment.

It's probably worth going to the bookstore or library and reading, not sure it was a "must buy and store" type article. But I'm glad the I shared it :)

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