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Brad Wilkerson Hits for Cycle


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Brad Wilkerson hit for the Cycle tonight and he is on my fantasy baseball team and it is the first National to do so. Discuss and oh yeah a little bit of trivia... who was the last Expo to hit for a Cycle before they moved to DC.

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I was there tonight. He hit the triple and the double to the same exact spot almost, except the second time it hopped over the fence. It was real cool to see something like that in person, even if it was against the Phils. He also had a walk so he was unstoppable tonight.

I'm pretty sure Wilkerson hit the last Expos cycle as well, two years ago I think.

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Guerrero is teh last to do it, Wilkerson has a Cycle with the Expos in 2003 but Vladi followed it up nearly 3 months later

Heres the comple list of Expos cycles.

4/22/1976 Tim Foli

7/20/1978 Chris Speier

8/16/1987 Tim Raines

6/11/1995 Rondell White

6/24/2003 Brad Wilkerson

9/14/2003 Vladimir Guerrero

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