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New Baseball Template -(WA Design edit)


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I have been editing WA Design's football template into a baseball template. I am new at Illustrator so be kind.

Here is where I am on the template ...

http://www.angelfire.com/ego2/hobogrish/baseballtemp (c and p)

WAdesign if you wish me not to use yours for model let me know and I will stop.

Comments welcome to....

Yes when finished I plan on sharing... Anyone willing to help with any part let me know. Figured least I can do for those who have helped me in the past.


Baseball Temp

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Sweet Bouncin' Bitmap, Batman!

If you're workin' in Illy, try saving for web in a more economical file size. I'm using a cable modem, and it took me a good 1/2 minute to download.

Also, important when designing a template is that both sides' shapes are symmetrical. Not realistic, but extremely practical.

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Well following the pads kind of made the uniform a little...large. But I like the shading and I've been looking for a baseball template similar to this. However, a few complains. It looks like the right hip (player's right, our left) is a pocket with somethign in it. I'm asuming it is just a pad from the football uniform, but it looks like the guy has a brick or something in his pocket. The belt loops are off. They aren't symetrical and one doesn't quite reach the top of the belt. I don't like the extended black sleeves. Normaly baseball uniforms are either a vest or a short sleeved uniform with either another short sleeved shirt or a long sleeved UnderArmor type shirt underneath. I don't think I've ever seen one with a longer short sleeve shirt sticking out. And finally, you probably should have left the cleats with some different panels. Most cleats aren't solid black, and even when they are, you can clearly see where each...panel again for lack of a better word...is. I hope that thing about the cleats made sense. Anyway, good job. Better than I could do. And believe me...I did try to do it.

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I've done a semi 3-D one, but no sides. Basically its just shading. For my webpage, I'm going to try to create a template that looks like real fabric. We'll see how that goes. More than likely it will only be used for display purposes and not templates.

Good job so far, looks like me when I donned a baseball uniform. :D

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Clarification on black sleeves. Those are a same area for the under sleeves or under armor, not part of the primary uniform top.

Also the cleats do have panels I just made the color all back for now...

Thanks for the feed back on belts and pants... I will rework.

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