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As you guys know (or maybe not), I volunteer for a youth organization here in Philly. Every year, we hold a big basketball tournament inviting other organizations from around the area to play in what is the East Coast's largest tournament of its kind. This year, we'll have 56 teams representing 29 clubs from three states (PA, NJ, and MD) competing in four age groups from 9-17. It's our club's signature event, and it's oldest.

I decided that since it's our signature event, we should have some sort of logo, just like the All-Star games and NCAA tournaments do (among others, of course). In 2002 and 2003, I used the clip art tiger. Last year, my (then) girlfriend put together a geometric shape using the club's colors. This year, I wanted to use the tiger again, but I wanted to use something different, so I decided to use the outline of the Tigers logo.

Now, before everyone starts shouting "LAWSUIT!!", know that this will not be used for profit, since all we're using it for is the website and the signs in the gym itself. Plus, if they're going to sue us, then I know of at least ten other clubs in the city who use MLB (and NFL) logos for their hats and uniforms, they can look into them too. Not only that, but we've gone down this road before -- we use the Cincinnati Bengals logos on the cheerleading uniforms and we asked before we did so.

Enough talk... here's the logo:


Plus, if anyone is in the area, feel free to come up (or down) to Northeast and check out the tournament. There will definately be some good ball played -- Carmello Anthony played here in 1998 and 1999 and won tournament MVP both years. It starts tomorrow (Friday) and ends Sunday.

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Well, it's technically today now (it's 3am as I type this), the first game starts at 5pm USEDT (which would be 7am Saturday morning over there), and the last game won't end until 11pm here. Then I have to get up and be back for the first game 9am Saturday morning. o_O

Now I can tell everyone that I have Aussie's seal of approval! :rolleyes:

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