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Washington Nationals Concept


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i like these, especially the treatment of the DC hats. however, im not sure about the "Nationals" wordmark logo being used on the road alts.

Wow, I just remembered usually the Team names on the homes and the city names on roads, thanks for sayin that I'll switch it.

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I'm guessing you don't like the Nats "W." In general your ideas are fine, but the circular "DC" logo has too much detail to be a primary for the shirt front. Just put "DC" there. Also, now that the Nats have actually played I note they have numbers on the shirt fronts. And I love that font, sort of an update on the 3-D style they had around 1958-59.

When it comes to the Blue Jays you're talking about my team. I like the use of the blue, after all they are the BLUE Jays. I hate the black and graphite. But a couple suggestions- put 'TORONTO" on the road shirts. Make the red cap bill an alternate only, and can the red numbers on the blue shirts. Can't read 'em. And what number font is that? Their original? If it is it doesn't flow very well with their current lettering. The "crille" style used now would be much more effective in the right color combination. Lastly I guess you're a vest lover. Vests should be home alternates only. Period.

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