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NFL Draft


Who will the 49ers choose at number 1?  

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Recently the 49ers released a list of 4 players that they will use their number 1 draft pick on. The 4 players are the ones listed above in the poll: Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Braylon Edwards, and Antrel Rolle.

With the draft less than 2 weeks away, what are your thoughts on who will go number 1 and where the rest of the players will fall?

Personally, I would like the 49ers to draft either Edwards or Rolle, because Dorsey has shown promise with a quick release and he works well in pressure situations. I think the next pick which is Miami's will most likely be one of three running backs, Ronnie Brown from Auburn, Carnell Williams from Auburn, or Cedric Benson from Texas. This is a very talented draft pool and I'm looking forward to seeing who goes where.

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If the 49ers are gonna draft Edwards or ROlle then they should trade down and get an extra pick or 2.

Yeah, but with such a deep draft, nobody's going to be doing what the Giants did last year to get the #1 pick.

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I saw an interview with Alex Smith today on the NFL Network,and he was sayin things like one of his priorities was "finding the best situation for ME",anyone see a Eli Manning situation again?

I voted for Aaron Rodgers btw,but Braylon Edwards would be a good pick too

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