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San Jose Athletics - Concept


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Hey. I whipped this up last night for a few reasons:

1) I want to see the A's in San Jose

2) I wondered what it would look like to use gold instead of yellow

3) I wondered what gold-on-black for an alternate jersey would look like, because I hate green-on-black

4) Because I like to make jerseys

So here it is:


You can see what a black hat would look like here. I am also considering adding a thin gold stripe down the side of the pants.

Comments? Suggestions?

I plan to complete a set, maybe tonight, but I'm undecided on lettering (partially because I can't find a good free font to replicate the current lettering). Suggestions for those are also appreciated.

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First, :welcome: to the boards.

Second, you should be able to post an image using the IMG button up top there. It'll walk you through it.

Third, the link to the first set is broken. You've got "hompage.mac.com".

Last, but not least, the unis: I prefer the black hat with these unis, but all in all the gold on black look is pretty tight. Just needs some piping on the pants perhaps, and it's golden.

Given the A's usually use an 'A' on their hats, though, they could tranisition from Oakland to San Jose pretty seamlessly, if they chose to do so.

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Well, I decided I wanted to throw a new hat in the mix. This is because I believe strongly in the hat representing the city (See: practically every other team in baseball), and also because I didn't want to repeat the A's logo.

I will include a hat similar to the one currently being used when I do the other two designs.

Thanks for pointing out the error in the URL.

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quantumfreak, seems he intended this to be metallic gold rather than yellow...anyways, knox, welcome to the boards :flagusa: here goes my critique:

-I almost wouldn't know that your hat logo's an SJ, as the way you have it, the two letters blend together a little too much.

-I hate it when teams abuse black for the sake of using black (Jayz, Royals, Mets, Reds, Alouettes' old alt, Ducks, 2000 A's alt, LV 51s road hat, Norfolk Tides road uni, et al), and this is no exception. This reminds me of the main thing I hate about the Baylor women's unis-too much black and no real reason for it to be there.

-that said, I like the execution of the whole thing. I could imagine this baby being green...good job on that, I hope to see a lot more from you B)

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