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Springfield Cardinals Inaugural Logo


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It's not showing up in a whole lot of places, but the Double-A Springfield Cardinals (Texas League) do have an "Inaugural Season" logo they've used on tickets, pocket schedules and a few other things. Please enjoy:


Sorry for the quality of the image - I took a digital photo of a ticket.

Baseball America kinda dogged on the lack of creativity in their logos - specifically the "Springfield" with the birds on the bat. I wonder what they'd think of the ol' shoulder patch.


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Looks like a righthanded rick ankiel, long stripes and all!

The main reason I want him to make the roster again, so I can see the striped socks!

I too thought it resembled Rick. He is on that team, but he doesn't throw like THAT anymore.

I assume the missouri logo is Springfield's city logo?

I like how the tied the Cardinals package and the city together, but I think they shoulda recolored the city logo in red, navy, and yellow.

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