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San Jose Outlaws


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I finally got my hands on a copy of Photoshop, and I got to work on my very first concept tonight. I haven't got a chance to work extensively on the logo set, yet. It's probably going to be a variation of the star on the home uni. C&C appreciated.


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Well first off, IMO coloring the area in the middle of a uni is a no-no. You should normally leave that to go with the rest of the uni, because having that big ol stripe in the middle of pinstripes really throws it off. Secondly, I'd make the logo and numbers on that uni a tad bit bigger so it would be more flashy. On the away jersey, I'd leave that black stripe gray as well, and pick up the 27 to a few inches under the "Outlaws" script, which I'd make green.

Same with the alt, except take the black out of the middle, make that green, and the outline black, and you've got perfect :grin:

I'd work some more on the Home and Away though...

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