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Minnesota Freeze concept


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A few years ago, I posted a concept for the Freeze. Looking back on it now, I know that it sucks out loud. Since the guys heading up the club kindof "borrowed" a women's football logo (and have subsequently asked for and were denied permission to use parts of it), I've been coming up with a concept. This has changed many times over the last two weeks, but I think I've finally settled on something I really like.


Here's some detail on the flake/ball combo itself:


I know the ball is the same colour as the flake, but I liked the idea of giving the whole thing an overall frozen look, and giving the ball the same sort of detailing as the flake and wordmark.

We haven't talked guernseys yet, but I found a site in Canada that does custom team work, and it looks like they specialize in somewhat non-traditional looks. While we'll probably not end up going with these (though, you never know), I got crazy and put together a guernsey idea. (aussie and rmered, avert your eyes! ;) )


Constructive comments and criticisms invited and appreciated. (Or you can freak out about the gradients on the guernsey, whichever. ^_^ )

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Australia Rules Football in Minnesota? First, you have to get the Minnesota legislature to appropriate funds for a stadium. In other words, fat chance.

Um, it's a club team. Basically, a bunch of guys (and some gals) getting together to have a kick, and maybe travelling to another city to play their club. See also:



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Wow, I hadn't looked at that page yet. I'm not the webmaster.

Dangit, someone's already got 9! :cursing:

I forget where Staffa's gone for the time being (Edit: on further review, it looks like Japan). I'm kindof one of the original founders of the club, but I've been out of the picture for the most part lately. But, damnit, if I have my way, we'll at least have a good logo. ^_^

(Forward, eh? I figured they'd put me in the back. They haven't noticed the lack of distance on my attempts at goal, it seems.)

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Wow... That is some mighty fine work there, Mockba. The wordmark is excellent. Is that a custom font? And I like how the ball is the same color as the flake. You really nailed the concept you were going for with the frozen look. In my opinion, it looks less cluttered, and therefore looks better overall.

Honestly, I like the modified version with the gradient that you used on the guernsey much better. It adds some depth and dimension.

As for the guernsey itself... Perfect for footy, but if it were any other sport, I'd be having nasty flashbacks to some kind of "TATC meets the forest green Milwaukee Bucks alternate jersey" nightmare. Of course, that being said, I love it!

Good work.

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the gradient works imo.... but dont let it in the AFL cos rmered hates gradients...

so your associated with them? and they are going to use it? tht's cool......i remeber doing a concept for the Minnesota Freeze a few years back when i was usign paint and my template was a modified basketball jersey

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The wordmark is excellent. Is that a custom font?

Well, thank you for the compliments, Fry. Haven't seen much from ya lately, ya old-schoola.

It's a font called SF Electrotome. I did edit the A, because the original version had a seperated connector, which was along the baseline instead of in the middle.

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so your associated with them? and they are going to use it? tht's cool......

Yeah, I'm a quasi co-founder, going way back to 98 or 99. The problem was, the two of us who had the ideas never really had the time. In the last year or so, people with the drive to take it up came on board, and the club's beginning to work.

On Saturday, I'm actually planning to play in my first real game of footy, the Milwaukee Bombers and the Freeze are going to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, to play. I think we're mixing up the two clubs to make teams--at least, I hope so, otherwise they'll kill us. As long as my ankle holds up and no one laughs out loud at the fat guy trying to play, I'll be happy. :D

Not sure if we're going to use this or not; I've gone through something like nine or ten versions of a snowflake/ball logo, and this is the one I finally really like. I sent the logo and wordmark to the other guys, we'll see what they think. The guernsey's a new development, and we haven't even gotten as far as to think of ordering any.

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My first feedback from the guys with the club:

I like the image for the Freeze, but I think it will work better with icicles around the footy.  Also, I was thinking a scary yeti might be a good thing to include.  Just ideas.

"Scary yeti"? Aiee! I dunno about adding icicles, but I guess I can try it.

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you might wanna ask him if you could use or purchase this from him..

Is this a way of saying "Yours sucks"? :therock:

The font in the AIFL version looks more like the Batman Forever font than the one that I used.

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Well, I tried to make some icicles, and it pretty much sucked:






I'll have to try again later. Anyway, I switched gears on this and decided to work on an overall club logo, since it had been brought up. (And since MARFC seems to be the acronym being tossed about, I'll likely take the bottom text off of the Freeze marks above for common use.) They have a mockup of sorts on the website:


I'm thinking we can do better than that. Since the team logo's not really very traditional when it comes to Aussie Rules, I wanted to make something with more of an old-school crest feel for this, but without patently ripping off your basic shields. I ended up going with a four-panel rectangle with the top and bottom rounded. I did a simple version, then decided to see if something a little more ornate would be better. So, here are the two versions:



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I'll throw my hat into this ring.

I love the idea of juxtaposing the Minnesota silhouette with the Australia silhouette. However, with the snowflakes included in their corners those two shapes might loose some dominance. I think, perhaps, the Minnesota and Australia silhouettes should be in opposing corners.

My suggestion is to do the corners like this, clockwise from top-left: Minnesota; the snowflake; Australia; the football.

Good work and good luck.

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Thanks for the feedback. Those are actually stars included with the Australian silhouette, the same stars from the Australian flag.

You were thinking something more like this?


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Yeah, I recognized the stars as the Southern Cross (I think) from the Aussie flag, and I thought maybe some northern hemisphere stars with Minnesota.

And that first one is exactly what I had in mind.

Spectacular work.

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