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A Word Of Caution Ordering Custom Jerseys


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So I ordered my first jersey from fsgear.net a few months ago and was very happy with the results.... So i decided to order 3 more jerseys.

One being a white version of the jersey I had gotten, another being an alternate and the third also an alternate as a gift for someone else...

I can say that I have not been completely satisfied since the first jersey was completed. First I want to say that Earl has been great at keeping me updated, and I realize my complaint falls more with the factory for inconsistencies... but nonetheless I am left very disappointed.

On the 2 alternates, I was told that the Seahawks Blue was available in the mesh... so I ordered one for myself, and one with actual Seahawks logos that I was giving to someone who works in the Front Office... I was also planning on using these as prototypes through the Seahawks Booster Club's relationship with the Pro Shop to offer authorized production of jerseys.

Well, last week I got the email saying the factory goofed and made the 2 alternates in the old Seattle Blue, which is a royal blue. The detail on the patches was great, but the colors were just off. I was very upset because I was planning on giving the one jersey to the person in the front office the end of the month at their awards dinner, so now I was left short with that. I was told that the Seahawks Blue Mesh wouldnt be available till mid May... so I was just gonna have to wait...

Well today my 2nd jersey arrived... the white one... I was so happy to open it and could tell right away the patch and stitching was a much better quality....

However..... when I turned on the lights... I was even more upset.... Turns out the parts of the jersey that were supposed to be Seahawks Blue (patches and numbers) were actually made out of Seattle Blue. However they got the trim right in Seahawks Blue. On the first jersey I had done up... they got the colors perfect, and I understand about dye matching and how sometimes shades are different.... but this was a completely different color on the main chest patch and back #'s.

When I put the two side by side the difference is obvious... not just a shade difference.

So needless to say... here I am disappointed. I realize that for the price, it is a great bargain, but this is more of human error at the factory than a color just not being available (as I had it on my first one) and now I wouldnt feel comfortable moving forward trying to get any type of jerseys made up through the official fan club / pro shop arrangement.

I will say Earl has been great, and this post is not meant to take away from that.... Just to let anyone else know who is thinking about getting a jersey... to be very specific and careful when it comes to your color selections....


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The logo in your sig is almost a hybrid of them both.. lol

It is a heck of a difference.. did they atleast offer a free jersey for the problems?

Yeah the logo in the signature I never updated with the actual Seahawks Blue Value.

No, they did not offer any discount or anything...

What annoys me the most is, I had spent 2 weeks designing a jersey to the specifications of a VP in the Seahawks Front Office, when I was assured this place had the color I needed in stock... and was going to present him the jersey at their award banquet end of this month... So now I look incompetant because the people at the factory goofed.

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From their email:

I will go ahead and refund him for the two jerseys that you are having trouble materials obtaining.

As for the jersey he is unhappy with, is there anyway to fix it? I doubt it. If not, I will offer him a 10% discount on his next order, but that we cannot accept the jersey back as it was custom made and cannot be resold.

So basically they got it right the first time, the second time their factory screws up, and all I can get is a 10% discount.

Don't get me wrong.. the initial price is more than a good deal, but I know their cost for these jerseys is less than $50, and I paid $106.90 with shipping, and 10% is all they can offer for their mistake?

I am not gonna miss the $106.90 but it is the principle... plus I was working with the Sea Hawkers and Pro Shop to possibly get an affiliate program going so some of the 500+ members could order custom jerseys via FsGear.net, but with this kind of poor service, I certainly will not continue that path...

Again... very happy with the first jersey... would have been happy with the 2nd one if it was the right color, would still have been happy if FsGear.net offered some kind of reasonable solution to fix THEIR mistake.

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It might be hard to tell the difference but here is a picture...

The color is a lot more noticeable in person and also on the numbers in the back.

Some of you may say "Hey, what are you complaining about... it looks good"

Fair enough... but I paid for Seahawks Blue, not Seattle Blue.. they had a detailed spec in front of them with a clear image and color value... PLUS they got the first one right. Also what is horrible is they got the trim the right shade of blue under the collar and at the base... At least if they were all the same color... I might not mind as much.

The one on the left is the one with the old colors... too bad too, cause the quality and construction of the patch is more professional than the first one (on the right).


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I wonder how the hell you can screw up the second production of a jersey or crest. That's supposed to be the same crest with the same colours, right?

I've had the same thing with different manufacturers on different hockey teams I've played on. Hell, this year, one of the teams had a couple of jerseys with the shoulders reversed between the home and road jerseys. Um... idiots? How did you not notice that it doesn't match the proofs that you'd sent me the first time and that were sent back to you with our order?!

And, most companies like this seem to not want to stand behind their work when they make errors. Frankly, if they deliver a different product than what was ordered, I don't expect to pay for it, even if I have to ship it back to them. It's ridiculous.

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Its hard to depend on someone else to do something right. I deal with vendors every day and unfortunatly, its harder to find someone that does it right. I'd say of all the things I've ordered from companies over the past year at my current place of employment, about 25% has been perfect, 50% not perfect but usable, and 25% needing to be returned. Some of that has been my fault, but most has been on the production company.

Once I ahve the money and the right jersey, I still plan on moving forward with a fantasy jersey from them. Thanks for the caution on making sure the colors are right and being specific.

I agree, the blues don't match, you are right to be upset. At the very least, the jersey is usable. But unfortunatly for all involved, mostly them, you can't move forward with making them an easy 5000 bucks.

Its really nice when you can go to a production company and meet with those producing. I've been lucky enough to do that on a couple jobs (a annual report and an exhibit), and if its worth it, I want to do taht as much as possible. The company is less likly to cut corners if you are standing right there. And with the Annual report, we were able to do minor color corrections on the fly. It took all day, but the quality of the product was well worth it. And you insure that everything is done correctly. I'm sure, with this being a personal job so taking off work is out, and the factory being no where near where you live, this was not an option.

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Thanks Patrick...

I was sitting there looking at it for 20 minutes asking myself... "am I just being really picky, or is this the old colors?'

Well, since I ordered 2 other jerseys from them which I was planning on cancelling... I can say I will be happy with this resolution, per the email I just received.

Again... mistakes and errors happen... Earl has been good with dealing with me and my requests, and for the price you can't go wrong... but again... right now these are personal jerseys... but if I was to move forward in setting up for others... I would need to make sure that things would go smoothly..


I will be sending your refund to fsgear.net tomorrow. But we  want to try and get this corrected. I will have the USCG jersey redone because I have a vendor who has told me that he has the Seahawk blue material. I will also redo the white jersey. Once the jerseys are completed I will send them to you. I value all of my customers and I apologize for our mistakes and over sight.  Please let me know if this is an acceptable soloution.


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I got my jersey from Earl and FSGear as well back in December.

They couldn't get the jersey color I wanted, which was the Predators third jersey gold color. I settled for more of a Michigan Wolverines gold. No biggie.

The jersey itself was great. The crest leaves something to be desired though. I have worked with a number of junior hockey and minor league baseball teams and know the cost associated with tackletwill vs. full embroidery etc. but the crests were cut poorly, the stitching between colors was thin in spots and in places "over into" the adjacent color too far. The shoulder patch material is of a shiny material which I haven't seen on hockey crests before.

The numbers are a bit rough where they were cut as well.

On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being spectacular and 1 being crap I give the over all jersey a 6.5 due to the crests / patches and numbers. The jersey itself is awesome and of tremendous quality.

edit..Man I had typos out the yazoo!

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The first jersey I got.. the blue one...

I would give a 7.5 / 8 although the crest patch was a little cheesey the way they cut it..

The 2nd one.. the white one...

Would have been a perfect 10 if they got the color right.. The chest patch was perfect as far as stitching and the way it was cut.

The best part about the jerseys is definitely the lettering and numbering.. I gave Eagles #'s and Broncos fonts and they matched them exact.

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I also was less than thrilled with the FAU football uniform that FSGear made for me. I, like NewYawkSeahawk, experienced nothing at all negative with Earl. He would email me often to let me know the status of my order and even called me on numerous occasions. He was great.

Later I received an email asking me for feedback so they could post it on their website. I told him I would be honest with him, and that my jersey left much to be desired.

Like it was mentioned, for the price, you really can't complain too much. I was actually quite surprised with how accurate they made the patches and logos, etc. (an example:)


Not exactly what I had designed, but close enough, I figured.

But they were off on the blue colors. The shoulders were one shade of blue, the mesh body was another, and the nameplate was yet another (hard to see with the images, but the nameplate was a more dirty blue, and the shoulder area was more of an indigo blue).


And finally, the numbers on the front and back of the jersey were the exact same size, and entirely too large (much larger than my design)


So I suppose if I had not have given them the drawings, and if they hadn't had done such a promising job with the logos, I would not have been so disappointed. Fact is, it's not what I wanted, and I don't like wearing it much, so I consider it a poor investment.

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They did the same with the numbers on my LA Tsunami jersey, they're the same size as the numbers on the back. The third colour (far outside outline) on the numbers isn't a full number, but is just trim, which seems odd to me. The bottom part of the 5 has seperated a little bit from the jersey. I could probably have a friend repair that, though. If it's like mine, the arms and shoulders are more shimmery than the mesh body, though they used the same material for the shoulders and the nameplate in the case of my jersey, so they match up. They definitely did a great job with the patches, at least.

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I would probably redesign these anyway, but this is what I sent them.



That looks so much better than what FAU actually wears, at least what they had last season. I sure hope that new unis will be released with the new logos. On a side note, Troy plays FAU for homecoming this upcoming season.

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so um, i've been wondering this since i started reading the board months ago, but what exactly does New Yawk Seahawk mean?

Life Long Seahawks fan who grew up and lives in NY.

Because of the way people describe "New York Accents", people just started saying "Oh, your from New Yawk?" when I would go out to games in Seattle , and it just happened to stick with me.

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